Ordinary People Doing Ordinary Things

I shipped off the first draft of the book I’m putting together for my Altenburg presentation to some friends who used to get paid for making nasty comments to writers. Let’s see if they’ve lost their edge after the newspaper business shook ’em off like fleas flung from a stray dog.

Here’s a peek at facing pages 24 and 25. Click the image to make it larger.

Don’t forget October 16

I know you all are getting tired of hearing me talk about it, but I’d love to see some of you at my preview presentation on October 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the Altenburg museum. Admission is free. In addition to still photographs, I’ll be showing videos and telling war stories.

5 Replies to “Ordinary People Doing Ordinary Things”

  1. Okay , Okay…I will fly all the way up to Cape, drive to Altenburg on the Oct 16th at 6:300pm and be among the throngs of adoring fans to see you!
    Question, do you bring tomatoes or pitch forks and torches to an event like this?
    Let us know!

    1. I’d love to see your broken and bruised body in the crowd to see how badly you were banged up in your crash recently.

      It’s getting a bit late in the season, but my Altenburg buddy, Warren Schmidt, had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year. Seeing how he’s a good German Lutheran Republican, I wouldn’t be surprised to seeing his selling any surplus he has out in the parking lot.

      It’s a no-smoking facility, so I don’t think even HE would sell torches.

    1. Holy cow, I thought you were kidding. I’m picking up Wife Lila at Cape Air at 4:30, then blasting up to Altenburg by 6:30. If she doesn’t miss her plane, you can bond with her while you’re visiting.

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