I’m Looking for Reader Help

I’ve been talking with a publisher the last few weeks about doing a book on Cape. We were moving right along until they discovered I live in Florida. They prefer their authors to be local so they can promote their books.

I explained about the reach of this blog, how many folks with an interest in Cape Girardeau read it and how they’re located all over the world.

On top of that, I said that I get back to Cape two or three times a year and could do the conventional press-the-flesh book signings and the like. For example, I’m putting together an October exhibit and presentation on Regional Photography for the Altenburg Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum.

I do a pretty entertaining dog ‘n’ pony show with lots of photos, videos and war stories.

How you can help

If you are a member of a service club, historical society or you can get more than three people together (not counting me), I’d appreciate the name of the person who arranges your bookings, so I can convince the publisher that I’m not a Cape carpetbagger. I won’t be ready to hit the chicken dinner circuit until next year, but I need to start making contacts soon. Feel free to email me the info instead of leaving it as a comment if you prefer.

Vendor contacts would be helpful, too

What do these pictures have to do with my request? Absolutely nothing. They just happened to be in the same negative sleeve. They DO represent the wide variety of folks I’ve photographed over the years and the kinds of groups I’d like to get in front of.

The publisher has arrangements with national booksellers, but they like their authors to come up with local stores that might be persuaded to carry the book: coffee shops, antique stores, historical societies, Chambers of Commerce and the like. I’d appreciate info from anyone who has contacts with any of these types of businesses. Again, email to ken@steinhoff.net is fine.

I’m kind of excited about finding an outlet for some of the thousands of photos I’ve taken. I’ll keep you folks in the loop. If this deal doesn’t come to pass, I’m convinced that another one will come along right behind it.


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  1. Hi Ken,
    I love this blog and I have never even been there. I just find your stories and photos to be very entertaining. Great human interest pieces. Good luck with the publisher. I would definitely buy your book!

  2. I’ll see what I can do. Will I be paid by the hour or per reccomendation?…… In the mean time I see Jim Gregory and maybe Toni Starkwether sitting in the Arena grandstands. Looking at the aws and gasps of breath on the faces,it was likely an auto daredevil show.

  3. The Vandivort Family Reunion would LOVE to book you for a talk in 2013 over the 4th of July weekend. We number 100 plus. We are gathered from all over this country…..including Alaska!

  4. Why not self publish and promote it yourself?
    Use Createspace for hard cover, Kindle and Amazon listing. I talked to Jerry Ford at his book signing and he used SEMO State University Press.

    1. I did a small self-publish effort with a book and calendar in Perry County just to get the feel of the process and I have a couple of other books in the planning stage that may have markets so small that I’ll have to self-publish.

      I want the experience of working with an established publishing company so I can learn some of how they do it. I’d rather spend my time gathering material and producing the content than having to deal with the mechanics of publishing and distribution.

  5. Ken, I have been working with the Glenn House (Cape Girardeau Historic society, the East Perry County Cultural Alliance, and the history department here at SEMO, on various historic ventures and would love to help out where I can. I work at SEMO as the Costume shop supervisor for the theatre and dance department and I am also a sociologist/historian. My husband and I are also working on getting more active with Old Town Cape as well. Email me if I can be of any assistance…and keep up the good work

  6. You just made my day. Just like my wonderful cousin, Margi, I cant wait either. Put me on your list too !!!

  7. A few faces in the first photo at the Arena Grandstand look familar but too many years to place a name and a face together. The second photo appears to be an Odd Fellows event. Again, a face of two looked familar but I can’t put a name with a face.

    Add me to the list, I’m a candidate for a purchase of your book!

  8. Good EYE Sally Bierbaum!!

    I pulled out my magnifier set on 400% That is DEFINITELY MIKE SCHUETTE sitting above the man with the hat and bow tie. Mike is playing with us!

    Also found another familiar face…. JIM GREGORY ’65 is right in front of the same man.

    1. I found a couple more of him playing football. I was going to hold them until I could come up with a few more. Amazing how he’s popping up everywhere all of a sudden.

  9. Well there is one thing I can definitely tell you about this photo and that it had to be taken at an I.O.O.F. lodge. As a former “Odd Fellow” member I recognize the “Three Link Fraternity” emblem on the wall. The links stand for “Friendship” “Love” “Truth”.

  10. I do know the IOOF picture. The center lady is my mom, Norma Ticer. She spent many many years as a member of that lodge and also the Eastern Star.
    I think the man on the right was Bill Faust . thanks for the memories !

  11. The second gentleman to the left of the second picture sure looks like Norman Copeland, our former Cape County Sheriff but I don’t even know if Norman was around this area in ’65. If not, he sure has a twin.

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