Are You a Toadstool or a Mushroom?

Mushrooms - Indian Park 07-07-2013Mother and I were headed from Point A to Point B when I looked over at Indian Park and did an immediate U-turn. When you  can see mushroom/toadstools 75 feet away at 25 mph., it’s worth a second look.

Baseball to softball size

Mushrooms - Indian Park 07-07-2013These four guys were located together near a shade tree. There was at least one other one roughly 30 feet away. The smallest was about the size of a baseball; the biggest one was softball size. They had the general color and shape of a near-perfectly toasted marshmallow.

I’m surprised to have lived this long. I didn’t want to press my luck by nibbling on a mushroom/toadstool.

I hope I don’t get in trouble with Wife Lila for venturing into topics she normally covers in her gardening blog.