Hanging Around Science Class

Science classroom Central High SchoolI really SHOULD remember the skinny kid in the corner, but I have a lousy memory for names, particularly when the faces are missing. I know I never saw him down in the cafeteria. I guess he spent all his spare time hanging around in the science lab, probably talking to guys like Jim Stone.

This must have been the biology classroom because it doesn’t have the sinks and things that were in the chemistry lab.

Grading chart

The picture is not quite sharp, so I had a hard time making out the grading chart on the blackboard. Here’s what it looked like, as close as I could figure: E  – 99 to 100; E-minus – 95 to 97; S-plus – 92 to 94. It was too fuzzy to see the rest, except that I think 70 would get you in the M range and 30 to 31 would win an I-minus. Anything below 26 was an F. Click on the photo to make it larger. Maybe you have better eyes.

I don’t know if Central still uses the E-S-M-I-F grading scale or if they’ve gone to the more common A-B-C-D-E-F grades.

I DO remember well those flying saucer light fixtures, mainly from looking up at them to avoid eye contact with the teacher who was looking for a student to answer a question.