Approaching Antiquity

Jessica Cyders - Antiquity 08-31-2014Curator Jessica and I were on Scenic Route 124 headed for Letart Falls, Ohio, where I wanted to see if an old gas station / convenience store / teenage hangout I had photographed in 1968 was still standing. About 1.9 miles down the road from Racine, and 3.9 miles from Letart Falls, I pulled off onto the shoulder.

“Hop out,” I said to Miz Jessica. “I need some scale in the photograph. Go down that way a bit and start walking back toward the city limits sign, please.”

After I popped off a few frames, she asked what I was REALLY trying to accomplish. Mistrust is an ugly thing in one so young.

“Well, now that you’ve finally hit 30, I thought this would be a photograph of you approaching Antiquity.”

I don’t think ‘guy’ is the word she used

Ken Steinhoff - Antiquity 08-31-2014“Wait here, Wiseguy (I’m pretty sure ‘guy’ isn’t the word she used). Go stand under that sign. I may be APPROACHING Antiquity, but you’ve already arrived.”

To add insult to injury, she said she doesn’t like it when I walk behind her because “I can feel old age creeping up on me.”

I’m going to have to start auditioning new Road Warriorettes. I’m just not getting the respect and reverence I deserve.


Throne of Contemplation

Outhouse near Racine OH 08-31-2014I really pulled over to shoot a picture of an old schoolhouse outside Racine, Ohio, but I couldn’t stop myself from taking a couple frames of an old outhouse. I guess the chair is where you could wait until the current occupant of the reading library is finished. (Click on it to make it larger.)

The occupant of the waiting room chair would have an excellent view of the Ohio River and the Racine Locks and Dam.

Cherry bombs and outhouses don’t mix

I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed using the outdoor facilities, but I got where the latrines at Camp Lewallen didn’t bother me. They had a certain “earthy” aroma that wasn’t really offensive if you acquired the right attitude.

I DO remember when an unnamed member of Troop 8 thought it would be fun to throw a contraband cherry bomb firecracker down the chute before one of his fellow Scouts sat down. There was no explosion, so the miscreant waited until his target left, then he lifted the seat to see what happened. Evidently, the cherry bomb had a slow fuse. It went off with an impressive noise and coated the prankster with the aforementioned “earthy” aroma and more.

The red-roofed school

School - Racine OH 08-31-2014_7679Looks like the old school has long ceased being used, but there’s no trouble spotting it from a distance.