Remember Carbon Paper?

Carter's Midnight carbon paper 030-7-2014There, stuffed in between some folders of yellow memos and letters was something I haven’t touched in at least 20 years: two sheets of Carter’s Midnight carbon paper “Made in U.S.A.” These particular two sheets have to be almost 47 years old, because one of them had made a copy of my April 1967 Missourian photo invoice and mileage sheet.

Not a bad haul

KLS 04-1967 photo and mileage invoiceI billed $115 for photos for the month of April at a time when I might have been raised from $50 a week to $60 or $70. Bringing home about a hundred bucks a week was pretty good when I was living at home and my only expenses were gas, photo supplies, eating out and squiring future Wife Lila around (she’ll testify that not much was spent on that). I see I made a mistake on the original, but didn’t bother to correct it or make the carbon copy line up.

Other things I don’t miss

When Grandson Malcolm and his friends stay overnight in a few weeks, we’re going to introduce him to the magic of carbon paper.