High School Students Study Science

Science Training Program 07-03-1965The July 3, 1965, Missourian caption reads, “High school pupils participating in the science training program at State College do a little outside experimentation too! [Please tell me I wasn’t the one who wrote a caption with an exclamation point.] From left are: Miss Susan Eubank, Edgewood, Ill.; Miss Melinda Carter, Lockwood; Stephen Hancock, Kennett, and Ron Fluegge, Jackson. The youths are getting experience in academic and social college life. The program is supported by an $18,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.”

Here’s my whole bylined Youth Page story about the science program.

Negative tomfoolery

Students at SEMO science training program 07-03-1965This nameless couple didn’t make the paper, probably because they didn’t engage in any shenanigans.

That could very well have been because Girl Two’s mother said, “Keep your baton with you at all times. If anybody tries to get fresh with you, twirl ’em where it hurts.”