High School Dress Codes

I see in The Missourian that Scott City Schools are considering dress codes. Central High School didn’t have dress codes in the 1960s because the administration had confidence that students knew how to dress appropriately.

Pipe smoking allowed

Cigarette smoking on campus was prohibited, but pipes were OK. That led some students to some creative solutions.

Girls liked shorts and hiking boots

Women students were conservative in their dress, leaning to comfort over style.

Suspenders replaced belts

I’m not sure, but this looks a little like Vicki Miller. If it was, it was probably taken in 1964. Note the necktie to add to the formal look.

Some students wore “distracting” constumes

Mary Sudholt, right, was told to report to the office because her clothing was out of the norm and “distracting to other students.”

Senior Tacky Day

I think most of these photos were taken during the 1965 Senior Tacky Day because I recognize a lot of my classmates. A couple from 1964 may have gotten mixed in.

I’m sure some of my female classmates may want to discuss dress lengths and the exact temperature when wearing pants instead of a dress was permissible. My primary fashion accessory was a plastic pocket protector, so I was pretty much oblivious to what other students were wearing.