Yes, That IS a Camel

Concrete Castings of Fruitland 07-11-2013If you look off to the west as you motoring north of Fruitland, you are liable to see a tall neck sticking above a fence bordering the service road. THAT’S Miss C, a real, live camel.

Behind her are static camels, lions, sailors, soldiers, gargoyles, snakes, alligators and anything else that can be fashioned from concrete.

Concrete Castings of Fruitland

Concrete Castings of Fruitland 07-11-2013Concrete Castings is the brainchild of Clarence Lee Shirrell, who sold the business to his long-time employee Crista Meyer a few years back. He still maintains a presence, acting as tour guide or casting finisher-upper every time I’ve stopped by.

You name it, they’ve got it

Concrete Castings of Fruitland 07-11-2013There’s something for everyone. In addition to the camel and the concrete figures, there’s a petting zoo with peacocks, goats, chickens and other assorted beasts and birds.

Concrete Castings photo gallery

I shot these photos way back in 2013 and promptly forgot about them. My notes have long gone cold (that’s a fancy way of saying I misplaced them), so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Click on any image to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move around.