Was This the Sani-Cream / Henny Penny?

Sani-CreamI’ve been scratching my head over this building. I remember shooting a freelance job there in the ’60s, but I haven’t found the negatives yet. I could have sworn it was the Henny Penny at that time.

Fellow blogger and Missourian photographer Fred Lynch published a Frony photo when the railroad tracks in front of the Sani-Cream were being repaired. If this is the same building, a peaked roof and cupola were added later.

I vaguely remember having a curb-delivered pizza there on a date.

The 1968 City Directory lists the Sani-Cream as being at 1015 Independence. It says Andrew J. and Mrs. Bertha Ahrens as the owners.

By 1979, Century 21 Real Estate Company was listed at 1017 Independence. The difference might be which part of the building is considered the entrance.

Am I thinking of the right place or am I all wet?