Gussie Phillips (Maybe)

Phillips Family TBD 02I’ve never paid much attention to genealogy. Part of it was that we had such a small immediate family we weren’t hard to track. The other part was that I never could understand all that stuff about third cousins twice removed. It sounded too much like math, and I never cottoned much to math.

Anyway, I opened a file drawer looking for something else (sound familiar?) and found a packet of photos wrapped in yellowing paper. From notes scrawled on the back of some of the prints, I gather they must have been of the Adolph and Gussie Phillips branch of the family. I vaguely remember Mother talking about some relatives who lived out in California, but I let it go in one ear and out the other

I got the impression that they were relatively well off. Well enough off that they had a water tank big enough to serve as an impromptu swimming pool.

That must be Gussie

Phillips Family TBD 05There was no info on the back of the water tank photo, but this couple was identified as “Shorty & Gussie taken at St. Pedro.” When I looked at it closely, the woman looks like the one on the right side of the swimming picture. (Click on it to make it larger.)

She’s quite striking looking in both pictures.

I’ll have to see what else I can dig up on that side of the family. There are plenty of fascinating photos in the collection.