Like Pulling Teeth

Dentist sign 10-12-2013Some nights coming up with a story idea is like pulling teeth. This is one of those nights.

By the time I dropped Friend Shari off at her mother’s house, it was close to 10 p.m. I didn’t have the energy to unpack anything except my laptop computer and a pair of clean underwear.

Here’s the best I can do tonight.

We were in Manianna, FL, up in the Panhandle when I needed to do a U-turn to go to a place with some killer peanut brittle. When my headlight hit this sign, I asked Ms. Shari, “Is that the most clever marketing tool ever or the most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen?”

I’ll let you vote while I go to bed. The alarm is OFF. Do not call me before noon. On Wednesday.