Brigadoon Part II

Lasura Todt in Notre Dame High School play 03-28-1967I should have flipped through a few more envelopes before posting the story about Notre Dame High School’s production of Brigadoon in 1967. I not only found more pictures, but I stumbled across the story about the play in The Missourian.

Laura Todt, who was in the photo gallery in that story, did all the choreography for the production, cast the dancers, taught them the numbers and directed the dancing. The April 5, 1967, Missourian story said Laura is performing the Funeral Dance in this picture.

Did Sound of Music Choreography as a junior

Notre Dame High School play 03-28-1967Laura, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Todt, 523 Minnesota, did all the choreography for The Sound of Music the previous year. Sister Rose Michelle, director of speech and drama at Notre Dame, said “We selected Brigadoon rather on purpose for Laura. Since this is her senior year and we feel she has such talent, we thought we’d give her this chance.”

She had to cast a total of 83 dancers for eight numbers. You can read the first part of The Missourian story, but the jump was filmed sideways and part of the left side of the column is unreadable.

Lead roles were shared

Notre Dame High School play 03-28-1967The story said Judy Essner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Essner, and David Scherer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Scherer would play the leading roles on Friday and Sunday nights. Gretchen Hill, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hill Jr., and Richard Graham, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Frank Graham would be on the stage opening night and Saturday.

Brigadoon photo gallery

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