Adcock Is Nuts About Pecans

Adcock Pecans - Tifton GA 07-24-2014Wife Lila asked me to keep my eyes open for pecans. When I left the motel in Tifton, Georgia, this morning I noticed a sign that said Adcock Pecans and Peanuts “handful or truckloads.”

After an excellent breakfast of waffles and country ham at Waffle House, I asked some of the folks in there if Adcock had good deals or it they were just a tourist trap.

The concensus was that they had been around forever, but it wasn’t someplace that locals go. There are too many pecan trees around for anybody to pay for them, one man pointed out.

Better not buy them

Adcock Pecans - Tifton GA 07-24-2014When I walked into the place, which was about the size of a football field, if not longer, I encountered table after table of really pretty pecans and other goodies. I called Wife Lila to ask if she wanted me to get any.

She said the price was “okay, but not great.” On second thought, she said, don’t buy them: by the time they get hauled all over the country in a hot car, they probably wouldn’t be any good.

“It’s the same car I’m going to be riding in,” I objected.

There was a long, long pause. I got the point.

Here is a link to the Adcock website, if you are interested.