Class of ’66 50th Reunion

information flyer.jpgPOSTThere’s going to be a big Central High School Class of 1966 50th Reunion June 24 and 25. If you are a member of the Class of ’66, your eyesight might not be what it once was, so you can click on the poster to make it bigger.

How it happened

Some of the Florida CHS contingent have been holding impromptu get-togethers down here in the Sunshine State for several years. The main instigators are Wife Lila Perry Steinhoff, Bill/Jacqie Jackson, and Terry Hopkins. They’d put out the word they were going to be in such-and-such Florida city, and if you wanted to show up, a gab-fest would ensue.

It might have been Terry who said, “I’m gonna be back in Cape in June. Let’s put the word out that anybody who wants to get together can join us.” Before long, Marilyn Maevers Miller was dragged in as the local organizer, and soon things were cooking. (Literally, in the case of Marilyn, who is going to provide some of the good eats.)

It’s a no-stress gathering

Here’s what Lila had to say about it in a post to the Central High School Class of 1966 Facebook page:

A few minutes ago, I talked to a friend whose 35th HS reunion is in June. She decided not to go, because she had gained weight and didn’t want her classmates to see her like she is now.

That made me think of the CHS ’66 50th coming up. At 68 years old, I don’t think anyone from our class cares about that kind of stuff anymore, but just in case…..

REALITY CHECK!!! People, we ALL are 50 years older, and we ALL have a lot more miles on our odometers. I have wrinkles, gray hair, a saggy butt, scars and I weigh 40 pounds more than I did in 1966. The only things that still fit are my earrings. So there you have it! Now, you won’t be surprised when you see me. And if you are surprised, I won’t care.

I am guessing that a pretty fair number of you probably recognize yourselves, to some degree, in that description… depending on how good your plastic surgeon is. Ha!

What doesn’t change? Hopefully, they are the friends who made us laugh, who made us roll our eyes regularly and who were there even after high school. There were classmates that we avoided at all costs, or who ran in different circles than we did. No matter who they were or how you felt about them back then, they also are 50 years older… and I’m betting they’ve mellowed a little, too.

ALL of us have 50 years under our belts, and our 50th rolls around only ONCE. So, come. We are going to eat, drink, tell some tales and be merry. Whatever your definition of merry is, I bet we have it covered.

June is coming, and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of wrinkled, graying, mellowed 66ers who still know how to rock and roll.

Classmates coming as of April 29, 2016

This thing started growing like crazy. Every day, word came in about more classmates who wanted to attend.

To help put names with faces, Lila started working on name tags that will contain each person’s 1966 Girardot senior picture along with their name IN BIG LETTERS so you won’t have to strain your eyes. Here are some of the folks who say they are going to be there. Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move through the gallery.