Who Are These Actors?

Some days I may not know the name of the play, but I can guess the name of the school. Here, I don’t recognize the play, the actors, the stage, the set or the school. They look a little old for high school students. Could it be a SEMO play? You’re on your own with this one.

Mystery play photo gallery

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  1. WEll…these guys are…hmmm….

    I have no idea. Maybe these are from Ohio…they don’t even look like Missouri people.

  2. The young woman sitting on the chair with the man crouching beside her is I believe, Paula Lasater, Central High class of 1963. I don’t recognize the young man. But I don’t know if this is a Central High production or SEMO production.

  3. Yes, that is Paula Lasater in the plaid shirt dress. Is the girl playing the older woman a Margaret Randol’s sister?

  4. The photo is from a SEMO play. Patte Shelton is the girl standing, facing away from the table in the first photo. I do not know the name of the play.

  5. it’s definitely a semo production as the plaid dress, table, and buffet are still in the theatre departments costume/prop storage

  6. I found Paula Lasater in the 1964 Sagamore yearbook which would have been her freshman year. Then I did a little research and found on this website (www.semo.edu/theatreanddance/productions/history.htm) a history of the productions. The 63-64 productions were:

    Death of a Salesman
    Royal Gambit
    The Lady’s Not for Burning
    Waiting for Godot
    Taming of the Shrew.

    I didn’t find Paula in the ’65 yearbook. I was a theater major and was really involved during the 64-65 season where the productions were:

    The Miracle Worker
    Romeo and Juliet
    The Wizard of OZ
    My Fair Lady
    The Tavern
    This Happy Breed

    I don’t remember Paula being in any of these. She could have been but not sure. I left SEMO after 65 transferring to another school. Maybe these productions will jog somebody’s memory.

  7. Hi–

    Im not sure, but I think the actor in the light-colored suit is Joe Blades
    If so, then this is a scene from a SEMO play because Joe was 1-2 yrs ahead of me when I worked on some of their productions

  8. I can confirm that it is I in the 2nd picture with the blond hair, and Paula Lassiter is also in the pictures. I think the guy in the second pic with Paula is Jay Sommers. The play is This Happy Breed, and it was a summer production. Joe Blades IS NOT one of the actors in this play.

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