My Exhibit in Altenburg

The kind folks at the Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum were kind enough to send out a bunch of press releases today.

For Immediate Press Release:

The Perry County Lutheran Historical Society’s, Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum is pleased to open a new exhibit: “Ordinary People Doing Ordinary Things: Ken Steinhoff Photojournalist, 1964-Present,” featuring nearly 50 years of photography from: Cape Girardeau County, Perry County, New Madrid, MO; Tower Rock, portraiture, and other rural documentary photography.

Steinhoff’s take on his work is, “I’ve covered popes, presidents, and the Queen of England, but I really like to shoot ordinary people doing ordinary things: the invisible folks whose names only appear in the paper when they are born, when they die, when they get married and when they get a speeding ticket.”

Open Daily Now- through November 2–10:00am-4:00pm-. Free Admission

Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum, 75 Church St., Altenburg, MO 63732


 Sneak Preview

You can see more layouts here.

I’m going to be doing a photo and video presentation at a conference at the museum on October 25, but I’m setting up a “dress rehearsal” a week or so in advance of that. I have way too much material and want to know which babies to throw out of the lifeboat. I’ll post more info when I get to Cape around Oct. 10 or so. I’d love to see some of you up there so you can hear my war stories in person.

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  1. Thank you, Ken, for sharing your great work at our site. I had a wonderful time designing the display, and want to thank Del Schmidt and Diane Weber for their brilliant engineering help. Gerard Fiehler can now mat photos with the pros. The time you spent with the planning process is evident.shows. Also, a special thanks to the Missouri Arts Council for help with funding.

  2. Wow, word press is persnickity. I wrote a simple “I can’t wait” and tried to hit send. It told me my comment was too short. Harumph.

    llallallallalla, maybe this is long enough?

  3. Wish you were going to be doing it now. We have been in Cape since the last week of August but are going home early next week. Would have liked to hear it, maybe next time. Good look.

    1. I won’t be doing the live presentation until October, but the exhibit of photos is up now. The museum director was going to try to have some of my videos playing in the exhibit, but I don’t know if she has that set up yet.

  4. Dear Ken,
    You don’t know me but I wanted to congratulate you on the honor bestowed upon you by the Historical Society. It is/was well deserved. The web site you put together almost every day is top notch and I enjoy it immensely. Thanks for all your hard work in making this a pleasure to read and look at and for bringing back memories I have of Cape as it once was when I lived there in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Tim Luckett SEMO class of 1971 and 1977.

  5. Ken

    I second everything my brother said. I went to SEMO
    in the early seventies(didn’t graduate too much partying). I met a lot of good people in Cape and will
    never forget the good times I had.

  6. It looks like I’ve not been keeping up very well, Ken. Until November 2, you say? We might make it, but it would have to be one of the last days. It won’t be a bicycle trip.

    1. You ought to saddle up your pony to get there by Oct. 16 so you can hear my war stories, see the exhibit and watch the videos.

      We didn’t get up to Perry County on your swing through Cape. You’ll like the area. The river might even be low enough for us to walk out to Tower Rock.

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