Cold Fronts and Hurricanes

I was talking on the photo with Wife Lila about the effects of Hurricane Sandy on West Palm Beach. She started to say that they weren’t getting much rain and the wind was gusty, but no big deal, when she broke off and said that the house had been hit with a gust that had caused the huge mango tree in the back yard to bend. (Click on the photos to make them larger.)

Temperature dropping 30 degrees

Here in Missouri, we’re looking at a 30-degree drop in temperature. I believe it’s coming. I was up in Altenburg for the Immigration Conference I was speaking at this evening when the winds started picking up and the thermometer started a rapid plunge.

It’s amazing how quickly the leaves can change from a brilliant color to a dull brown to gone.

There was a huge maple about halfway between Cape and Perry counties that was a spectacular yellow on Tuesday of last week. Almost all of the leaves were off half of the tree yesterday. On the way by this morning, it was nothing but naked branches.

This is a cold sky

Walking back to the school cafeteria for a meal of chicken ‘n’ dumplings, I noticed the moon coming up. If that’s not a cold sky, I don’t know what is.

Leaves seeking shelter

Earlier in the week, these leaves were content to loll around in the sunshine minding their own leaf business. When I opened the door to get to my car Thursday night, the wind sent them swirling down the school’s hallway. You KNOW it’s going to be cold when even the leaves are seeking shelter.

3 Replies to “Cold Fronts and Hurricanes”

  1. JD and I stopped for lunch yesterday in Hannibal on our way to Minnesota–and in the next hour, the temps dropped 32 degrees! We could see the big bank of gray clouds as we left southeast Missouri and drove north. We drove through a fierce wind and rain all day, stopping in Iowa City last night.
    The low here in Iowa last night was in the 20’s. The waitress at the restaurant told us that it had been beach weather just the day before.
    All the trees are either brown or completely bare. No beautiful fall color, after leaving southeast Missouri.
    Don’t you hate it when you wait all year for the fall color, and it’s gone in a day or two???
    I hope Lila stays safe!

  2. Just wanted to give you my new e-mail. I always enjoy your postings about Southeast Missouri. In Yardley,PA, along the Delaware River, we are anxiously awaiting Sandy!!!

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