Majorettes and Others

Central High School students and teachers c 1964-65Here’s a fact of Internet life: you get a lot more search engine traffic if you have the word “Majorettes” in the headline than if you say “Boring Guys in Suits.”

You’re going to get a mixed bag today. All the negative sleeve says is Jaycee Golf Awards – CHS majorettes, teachers 64-65.” I’m going to guess they were shot for The Girardot rather than The Tiger.

Your homework assignment

I know that school is out soon, but you have one more assignment before the final bell rings: identify these people and what they are doing. I could root through the old Girardots, but that’s what I have you folks for.

Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the sides to move through the gallery. OK, you may pick up your pencils.

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  1. I think that the majorette picture features girls in the classes of 1967 and 1968. I recognize several of these girls.

  2. The State Trooper is Sgt. George Montgomery. He was the safety and public relations officer for Troop E. When he retired he was replaced by Sgt. Joe Matthews.

  3. The majorette in front and center is Phyllis Metzger. Mary Hale is behind her on the left and Sandy Haney is on the right. On the back row on the right is Esther Taylor.

  4. Majorettes!…my personal favorite google too Ken. Phyllis Metzger, Mary Hale, Barbara Stone, Ester Taylor, and list goes on. The younger Shevilbine in the back,, Sandy Haney, on the far left is (I forgot)Harris she lived on Perryville road across from my high school sweetheart, Pat Latham. The others I remember but no names yet…

  5. Oh yes…picture ten…Debbie Elfrink, Pat Evans Vicki Russeler, Diane Meystead.
    First Row: Daine Masterson, Mary Ellen Baker,and Barbara Howard
    My best guess…

  6. No.8 is Nancy Nussbaum with the Trooper; Nos. 6 & 7 is Mike Price -don’t know who he is introducing; No. 3 is Harlan Short, shop teacher – can’t remember name of second teacher with him.

  7. Going around the triangle from top left then down the slant: Marcia Harris,Barbara Stone, Mary Hale, Phyllis Metzger, Sandy Haney, Jane Eckelman, Esther Taylor,Kay Shivelbine at the top center. Id’d from the ’67 Girardot.

  8. #8, If the gentleman at the podium is a faculty member, the only one that looks close in the ’67 Girardot is Robert Godwin of Phys Ed along with possibly Norman Dockins.

  9. Agreed, Ken. Mr. Little was terrific as a teacher and just one darned nice guy. When my Dad helped me build my first darkroom in our basement, Mr. Little came over and did all the wiring to get it set up.

  10. I don’t remember him (Coach Godwin) with glee either, but in looking at the portrait of him in the 67 Girardot, he’s the only one who’s hairline may have receded that much more in three years from when these shots may have been taken. I really have no idea who it is, but that was a best guess.

  11. 1966. I was 13. SEMO Homecoming. Lunch time. I go to Wayne’s Grill for a hamburger. I am in the front booth, by myself. The place was packed! Three Central majorettes come in and see no seats open. The girls were beautiful! One of them comes over and says, “Can we sit with you?”…….So I sez, “Sure”….so now I have two beauties sitting across from me, and one at my side. I was in heaven. I was hoping that my buddies, Dick Lamkin, Bill Leming and Tom Jackson would come in and see my company. That was the best burger I ever had….and my most memorable Homecoming….

  12. Robert Hagedorn is the man in 6# he coached Cross Country and Tennis in the years I was at CHS. Mike Price 8#…with unknown person, Mike was always a classy guy.
    Picture 3# is second from left is Bill Kaiser and John Sasche is next to him going to the left. Kaiser ended up in OK and John….I don’t remember where he went?
    ….and Majorettes are the eye candy for leg men of all ages. Tip of the hat to Keith Robinson.

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