Searching for Fall Color

Jackson Park 10-25-2015_1783I went out looking for colorful leaves a couple times in the last week. The sun was bright and the sky blue on the first day, but the leaves hadn’t turned yet. The last couple of days have been a bit overcast with passing drizzles, but I did the best with what I had to work with.

Color came looking

Kingsway Drive 10-25-2015After driving all over Cape and Bollinger counties, I took a short nap, then headed out to pick up some groceries. This is what hit me as soon as I opened the door. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sky as blood-red as this one. Even the Boltons across the street were marveling at the sight. Based on the number of Facebook posts I’ve seen, everyone in Cape must have been standing slack-jawed in their yards.

Not more than two minutes after this picture was taken (and it’s not enhanced, by the way), all the color was gone. Just goes to show: “shoot ’em when you see ’em.”

Photo gallery

Some of the photos were taken in my back yard; some were at the City Park in Jackson; the tractors were on U between Crump and Gravel Hill. Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move around the gallery.


6 Replies to “Searching for Fall Color”

  1. Ken, as always spectacular photos. I really miss the fall colors here in South Africa. Keep up the great work.

  2. You captured a beautiful shot of the sky ,with yellow hews ,red and looks like a few puffy clouds above! Plus the darkness of the trees. Also the shots of fall colors in the Jackson City Park, Kingsway Drive and Lake Girardeau.

  3. You for sure have to shoot when you see it, or the next day half of the leaves of that particular spot will have fallen. Very spotty this year – however, you found the spots! Shooting during the golden hour did help me some, but I hit every back road in Bolinger County to find them. I found F highway, OO, and 361, 363 and 349 to have the best for me, and I did shoot some at Jackson Park down Hubble Creek. Love your work Ken and your writing!

  4. Great pictures, Ken! I especially love the first one. It really spoke to me, and I could imagine myself actually being in the scene with the Autumn beauty of the trees all around me. I have not seen color like that around here this year and I was really missing it. Thanks for the next-best thing!

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