Cubs and Cuffs

Cub ScoutsI normally don’t bother to scan old 120 and 620 film because it’s a pain and usually not very good. Tonight, though, I discovered some old family shots that were fun and just in time for Brother Mark’s birthday later this week.

In the stack were these lineups of Cub Scouts that brought back some sartorial memories of the era.

Back in those days, mothers bought pants designed to accommodate a massive growing spurt, resulting in pants cuffs that were rolled up halfway to the knees in some cases.

Yep, that’s me

Cub Scouts 2The Boy Scout on the left is me. I must have had my growth spurt, because my pants cuffs are only slight rolled up. I served as Den Chief for Mrs. Jo Ann Bock’s den for a time. I wonder if that is Cape’s author on the right?

Click on the photos to make them large enough to pick out faces.


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  1. Cub Pack 506 Mrs. Jackson, Bill’s Mom and then same Pack Mrs. Leahey, Brad’s mom. Wonderful experience as a Ute in Cape. I used to double cuff my pants to prevent the almost to the knees look, a fashion faux pous even in those days… and If Jesse still cuffs his, I WANT TO SEE THAT!

  2. It has been over 60 plus years but I remember my brief career as a Cub before we moved from Cape. I remember belonging to a den that Mrs Foster, Cory and Pep’s Mom was our den mother. Later when we returned to Cape I was in a den with John Kneahans and his Mom was our den mother. One experience in Cubs I remember was exploring the crawl space under the Kneahans home on S. West End Blvd. Then we moved again so that when we returned to Cape once again, I was ready for Troop 3 Boy Scouts. These two ladies were so gracious to to take on our dens. I will also have fond memories and respect for these ladies.

  3. Ken ,
    most of these boys were a year or two behind me at Trinity. Pix# -L-R – Ron Cotner; Charles Daniels; Fred Younghouse; Mike OConnel; Ron David; Bill Dunham; Steve Nebel; Bob Dunham.
    Pix #2 – John Heartling, Gary Birk, Roger Siebert, Tom Fiehler, David Yoder, Mrs. Heartling.
    Goood old TLS boys.

  4. Den Mother Mary Dunham holding daughter, Mary Catherine (Cathy), next to her is my husband, Bob Dunham; Steve Nebel?; BIL, Bill Dunham. Thanks for scanning them!

  5. Left to Right. Ken, I think John Hertling, Gary Birk, Roger Siebert, Tom Fiehler,and David Yoder

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