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Howdy, all. Special guest post today by me, Matthew Steinhoff.

If you like Ken Steinhoff, the CapeCentralHigh web site and want to support them both, please click the above magical button and go about your regular, online holiday shopping business.

Great Photographer, Writer; Lousy Money Extractor

Malcolm Lee and Kenneth Lee Steinhoff, Circa Chistmas 2005My father, Ken Steinhoff, is horrible at making this photo and history web project pay. I keep telling him that people love his work and want to support his continued efforts. I keep telling him that if, just once and a while, he’d go ‘hey, folks, the next time you do some online shopping, click through from my web site‘, they’d do it.

The thing is, Dad hates trying to get people to part with their money. He won’t sell ads. He gives away photos as if they were water. I had to twist his arm and drag him kicking and screaming just to get him to put the passive links on this web site to begin with.

How Helps Dad

If you click any of the links on this page and then buy something within 24 hours, Dad makes 6%, give or take. You spend $100: he gets $6.

(It doesn’t cost you anything extra to buy through his links. In most states, doesn’t charge sales tax so there is an extra savings for you. Most of the time, the price you get from is less than you could buy the product locally. In most cases, the shipping is free.)

[Ken Steinhoff aside: I encourage you to spend your money with local businesses, but if you ARE going to buy on line, then listen to The Kid.]

Malcolm Steinhoff, Ken's grandson, does all his online shopping through Grandad's Amazon links.
Malcolm Steinhoff, Ken’s grandson, does all his online shopping through Grandad’s Amazon links.

$6 Doesn’t Sound Like Much

The average American will spend $854 on Christmas this year. Of that, $384.30 will be spent online. In the last 30 days, 8,272 have visited Of those 8,272 visitors, 4,460 have visited his web site more than 26 times in the last 30 days. (They’ve read 25,000 to 35,000 pages in that time.)

If I could just talk 500 of his regular visitors to do half of their online shopping through his Amazon link — about $200 each with $12 going to Dad — he’d make $6,000.

That $6,000 would just about cover what it costs to spend three months a year in Cape Girardeau, camera and computer equipment repairs and upgrades and pay the site’s web hosting bill.

Save My Parents!

Ken Steinhoff and Lila Steinhoff, huddled under a blanket on son Matthew's sofa.You’re gonna shop online anyway. You’re probably going to shop at Amazon. When you do, please click any of the Amazon links on this web site. It’ll help keep the heat on and the parents off my sofa. Thank you!

Matthew Steinhoff