Water Plant Fountain

When I stopped at the water plant’s goldfish pond and fountain the last time, we were just coming out of winter and hadn’t made it into spring. THIS is a lot more colorful. (Click on the photos to make them larger.)

Built in 1931; still in good shape

May 21, 1931, Page One Missourian story gushed, “A project of the Better Service Club…might be described as one outstanding example of good taste in landscaping and beautification in this city… Situated on the brow of a wooded ravine just north of the site to be occupied by the new $250,000 water plant, the rock garden and its central fountain forms an attractive background to the woodland.

This garden was built for the employees by Judge I.R. Kelso of the Utilities company… The cost of lighting the place and planting it to flower and shrubbery will be borne by the employees, who will also maintain the project.”