Preying Mantis and Winter Wheat

Winter wheat Pemiscot county 11-12-2015While cruising around the Bootheel this afternoon, I noticed lots of fields sporting what looked like green, green grass. I asked my guide, David Kelley, what had been planted.

He’s gotten used to my total lack of farming knowledge, so he didn’t even give me the head-shake, eye-roll I deserved. “It’s winter wheat.”

“We’ve already had one night below freezing. The cold weather doesn’t hurt it?”

“Nope.” (I discovered that wheat planted in autumn needs the cold weather to make it “head” in the spring.)

The irrigation system made me think of a huge preying mantis making its way across the field. (Clicking on the photos make them larger.)

Trucks at night

I-55 - 80 11-12-2015I was a little drowsy, so I pulled into the truck stop at the intersection of I-55 and 80 in New Madrid county for a short nap. It was still light when I stopped, but the sun had just dropped below the horizon when I headed out of the parking lot.

Even though it’s the same intersection where Curator Jessica spotted a Padiddle last year, I couldn’t pass up shooting a picture that will help me illustrate how the Interstate has siphoned traffic off Highway 61.