What’s the Big Building?

12 S Park 08-17-2014_9837There is a big building south of Independence at 12 South Park Ave. that I’ve always wondered about. There’s a sign on a gate that says “B&S Small Eng.,” but I doubt that’s what it was originally used for.

It has the feel of being a lumber yard. Since it was near where the railroad tracks, it could have been that or some kind of warehouse.

Look at the flowers

Flowers 08-17-2014_9825When I was trying to see the building from as many angles as possible, I ran into this yard of flowers in an alley directly behind it.

House fronts on South Henderson

House 08-17-2014_9855The house is on South Henderson. I saw a woman walking down the street and hoped she belonged to the house so I could talk with her but the stopped at another driveway. It looks like it’s been well cared for.

Mother lets me down

12 S Park 08-17-2014_9834Mother, who usually has a keen eye for things, said she had never noticed the big building. I don’t have my normal reference materials with me on the road, so it’s up to you to tell me what I found.

Here are the clues:

  • It is south of Independence between South Henderson and South Park.
  • It has a sign that says 13 South Park – B&S Small Eng.”
  • It is next to D’Lorch Locks and Alarms and some of their trucks are parked inside the fence.